Thursday, January 9

Haley + Matt Sneak Peek // Waynesville Wedding Photographer

Haley and Matt met at my alma mater, Western Carolina University. They went camping on a group trip, hung out, and the rest is kind of history. They told me their story over coffee and lunch at City Bakery.
 - if you are ever in Waynesville and you have time, stop in and get something. Worth. It.-

I don't know if I've spent time with a more charming couple, they complement each other well and they laugh together. I adore couples that laugh together.

Look, they even got tickled at the alter:

Thursday, January 2

Favorite 2013 Photos

I've been seeing a few posts from other photographers just showcasing their favorite frames from 2013, I think it's a great idea. I wanted to share some of our favorite images from 2013 in this space, too. Sometimes hopping on the bandwagon is a great idea! This year we are joining in with #project365, you can follow along on instagram, find us @foxandowlstudio! Cheers, friends. Here is to a fantastic 2014!!